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Decorative Curtains

A home should be decorated with an interior that complements the exterior of the house. Decorative curtain treatments can give style to your rooms and to project them with a majestic look they never had. Curtains will certainly add an extra dimension to your interior decor. The choice of curtain fabrics today is unlimited. At Kennedy curtain materials are available in variety of simple style and colors.

We follow the latest trends in curtain stitching. Kennedy makes sure that your ideas become our stitches. You can find us high style and economical. High quality and reliable materials are used in curtain fixing. We believe in customer satisfaction & we make it sure from the beginning to the end.

Our Specialties

- We offer before you more than 500 designs in curtain fabrics that too a wide range of colors.
- Fancy curtain fabrics are available from the range of Rs. 35.
- We provide a 5-year guarantee for materials which costs above Rupees thirty per metre.
- Materials are available with us at wholesale rate.
- The same design is available in more than 300 metre.
- Make a call, our representative is at your door with a sample and makes estimate free of cost. *
- Net guards for windows are available.


Few Models